Air Conditioner Repair


We repair and replace most air conditioning units. A/C repair and replacement is the foundation in which All Temp Solutions was built. Our superb training is unparalleled only to be surpassed by our mastery education. We’re a local company but our primary territory is Palm Beach County with the majority of our business in the greater West Palm Beach area. We also do business from Dade to St. Lucie County. A customer deserves quality and All Temp Solutions insures that we deliver such a quality product. All Temp Solutions hasn't found an A/C unit we couldn't repair or adequately replace.

A very important part of the installation process is to choose the right system for your home. Every commercial or residential location has a different need based on square footage, layout, or specific demand. Whether you live in Boca Raton, Loxahatchee, or on Palm Beach Island you must choose the proper system for you. For example, if you pick an air conditioning unit that is too small it won’t cool you home adequately which in turn can cause you to have a high electric bill due to the fact that your unit is constantly running. If you were to choose a unit that is too big then it would cool your home too fast and not allow the humidity levels to go down. If you get a system that’s too big you would find yourself getting a replacement system much sooner than expected. The reason for this is because you unit will cool the house so fast that it will run for a short time and constantly be turning off and on. Over the course of a day this will cause extreme wear and tear on your unit. The bottom line is call All Temp Solutions for all air conditioning services.